Body Project

Pearls, human & mineral

This was our first session together. She liked the idea of ropes and flowers, but she was completely blown away by the pearls. I love to drape things on the human body as the effect of gravity on the material, or prop, really accentuates the human structure beneath. We only managed one shoot in 2022 […]

The Sweet Spot

This was the second Body Project shoot and we went further with the idea of food. We did experiment with a little rope, but this session we decided to do without buying flowers so the use of rope was limited. Normally, from a Body Project shoot we end up with even more ideas than we […]

Inception – the first session

It’s hard to identify the moment the Body Project started, I suppose it’s always been within me like a seed. There’s the moment I learned to photograph people (which is not as easy as it sounds), but the images here are the first time I photographed the client in her home and we experimented with […]

Bodyscape Project

  In 2021 we did a couple of sessions almost back to back. The first day was so hot that we had to cut it short after a couple of hours as we were both running out of energy. We experimented with rope and flowers and we started what would become the Bodyscape subproject (this […]

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