I grew up on a small farm in the Welsh countryside.
My first clear memory is of the afternoon sun lighting a wall in front of the kitchen window. I was fascinated by the way the colour of the bricks changed as the sun went down.
Living in a natural environment for so long has influenced my photography.

I use reflections as they allow me to use contrast, or include ‘out of shot’ elements.
I use clouds, mist and fog for their ability to convey mood.
I like lines, angles and shapes. The contrasts help to illustrate the effect of man in nature, and lines often lead to imagined/unseen places.
I like old/abandoned buildings and machines because they highlight the passing of time and allow the imagination to take over.
I like graffiti, it usually brings colour to dull urban environments and, if it’s good, it makes a statement and provokes thought.
Finally I like to use perspective to show a known subject in a new way or create abstracts. And also to show the unusual, often things which others pass without noticing.

My aim is to make the viewer think and feel.


This is my web site, but the majority of my images are on Photoshelter.
I also have books for sale at Blurb, and a blog.

Thank you for visiting.

Aquest és el meu pàgina web, però la majoria dels meus imatges estan en Photoshelter.
També tinc uns libres a la venda en Blurb, i tinc un bloc.

Gràcies per la seva visita.

Esta es mi página web, pero la mayoría de mis imágenes están en Photoshelter.
También tengo unos libros a la venta en Blurb, y un bloc.

Gracias por su visita.

Eskerrik asko bisitatzeagatik.

Grazas por visitar.

Merci de votre visite.

Diolch am ymweld.