Don’t just look behind - look all around


Looking behind you is always good advice. It’s easy to miss a great shot because you only look forwards, but how many do you miss because you didn’t look up and down. The spider’s web in the photo was nestled between the handrail, upright and glass panel of a footbridge over the river Segre.

On a cold, foggy morning, the bridge wasn’t bustling with pedestrians. Even so, nobody noticed the jewelled engineering that was hidden in full view. Perhaps it is a lot to expect ‘ordinary’ people to notice these things, no-one looked beyond the figure of the crouching photographer to see what he was photographing. However, as photographers we have to notice these small things, they are ephemeral, begging to be recorded before time erases their existence.

The next time you go out, take your time, look around.

Look all around.

Look for the moments of life.