You gotta have faith.

No, not George Michael.
Faith  110
This is the 'Procesión del Silencio de la Iglesia Románica de Sant Martí '.
It was raining lightly as the members made their way to collect the image of Christ. However, it stopped raining before they started the procession (despite the umbrellas in the image), and stayed dry throughout.
Coincidence? Have faith, it can work wonders. 

Can you see the light?

The Light
Obviously there is the use of light in religious metaphor, but it is also what photographers paint with. Thanks to another photographer (or at least someone with a camera), this shot has been made more interesting. If only the torch bearer to the right had positioned the torch slightly closer to his (or her) body, then the flare would not be so obvious (I nearly got away with it!).