Man & Nature

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This is a common theme in my work. I like to observe how the man-made elements and the natural elements fit together. I usually show how man encroaches into nature, if possible, from a different viewpoint.

Typically, we don’t tend to notice nature when we are in a man-made environment. In contrast, when we are enjoying nature, concrete and steel intrude.

Next time you’re driving along the motorway, take a look around (while keeping an eye on the road!), nature will be there for you.

Getting things into perspective

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Look at the pictures taken by the cameras they cannot lie
The truth is in what you see - Bruce Foxton (The Jam)

The camera does not lie, it merely distorts the truth in the eye of the observer.

Try looking at things in a new way.
Don’t accept what others say.
Find out for yourself.

Foragers at dawn

A family of ‘giants’ foraging in the pre-dawn light.
The same square as ‘Mother & Child - Plaça Blas Infante, Lleida.

Mother & Child

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Well, use your imagination!
These are ‘statues’ in Plaça Blas Infante, Lleida. The square, designed by Mamen Domingo and Ernest Ferré, features these Torres de las Palabras (towers of (the) words) which represent the eight cities of Andalucia. They are particularly photogenic if the backdrop is moody.

Here is another ‘statue’ (with a magpie on top).