Talking head

Miravall 2013-04-01 at 17-11-50 - Version 2

Due to direct natural light, and a complex set of reflections from a tiled, sloping windowsill, the speaker’s shadow was projected in an unusual way. The fact that there was a mantlepiece just at the right height was a bonus.

Foragers at dawn

A family of ‘giants’ foraging in the pre-dawn light.
The same square as ‘Mother & Child - Plaça Blas Infante, Lleida.

Stop! Reflect.

Lleida 2012-04-14 at 19-36-12
I’ve had a really busy weekend (no posts - but now I’m back). And, despite not stopping all weekend, I have had time to reflect.
I was helped by all the drummers who attended the Planeta Bateria weekend, especially by Isabel Romeo and her Taiko drumming.
Take five minutes out of your day to think, reflect, meditate or practice ‘mindfulness’. You may be surprised by what you see if you stop and take a look from the ‘outside’.

Can you see the light?

The Light
Obviously there is the use of light in religious metaphor, but it is also what photographers paint with. Thanks to another photographer (or at least someone with a camera), this shot has been made more interesting. If only the torch bearer to the right had positioned the torch slightly closer to his (or her) body, then the flare would not be so obvious (I nearly got away with it!).