Taking a break

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This worker nearly got squashed as she rested on my pedal. For a moment I thought she was blossom from one of the trees, but something didn’t seem right and I took a closer look.

Bees are at more risk from nenicotinoids and loss of habitat than my big feet.


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It covers 70% of the earth’s surface.
It’s the thing we look for on other planets in the solar system.
Its solid state marks 0, and its gaseous state 100, on the Celsius scale. Its triple point is 0.01º C.
It features as an element in many ancient beliefs.
It can be destructive, or have a jewel-like quality (as in the photo).
It can blight a British barbeque, spoil Semana Santa in Seville, or wash out a wedding in Wales.

In some parts of the world, you turn on the tap and out it comes. Whereas in too many other areas people have to walk miles to get theirs, which is all too frequently polluted or carrying disease. According to water.org, 3.4 million people die each year due to this, and a total of 783 million people, worldwide, lack access to clean drinking water.

So next time you’re near a river, lake or the sea (or getting rained on), remember how valuable water is, and when you turn on the tap - give thanks!


Invisible (2)

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No, not invisible, but transparent, although that doesn’t mean it won’t disappear if we don’t look after it and use it sparingly.
Much of the south and east of England is in drought and has a hosepipe ban in place (it doesn’t rain as much as people think - only as often). Some people in Wales are looking at selling water to their neighbour, although their own situation isn’t much better.
It’s easy to forget the problems we had in 2008 when Barcelona tried to get its hands on the river Segre. If Barcelona does build EuroVegas then they’ll be back.

Here is a web page about water use in Europe. Here is the Facebook page to stop the extraction of water from the river Segre.