Shepherd's delight

Shepherd's delight 2013-05-19 at 20-24-38

Red sky at night, shepherd’s cottage alight;
Red sky in the morning, it’s still burning.

Spike Milligan (I think)

Working hard to catch that decisive moment Happy


Red is not the only colour

Rose (6)

Flowers are a good thing, a sweet thing to give a lady. But it is always roses, always red, and always perfect hothouse blooms when they can come by them.

Patrick Rothfuss

Sometimes that which appears most beautiful, is not at all fragrant.
Close your eyes! Do not be misled by them.

Me Winking



Rose (4)

What do you see here?

A long-nosed bespectacled man with a duck on the back of his head?

Whatever it is, it would smell as good by any other name Happy