Graffiti (3)

Graffiti Res Non Verba
Here is the art. What else would you expect on the shutter of an art gallery?

Carrer Maragall 17, Lleida


Graffiti (2)

Graffiti Santa Creu
This is more like it. Patterns and bright, cheerful colours to break up the monotony.

Carrer Maragall 11, Lleida


Graffiti (1)

Graffiti  110
No images here, just tagging and stenciling. The difference in aesthetics could not be clearer.
The white expanse of the hairdressers’ shutter has been broken up; the car-park door, defaced.

Carrer Maragall 15, Lleida


Blue Moon

blue moon
Not a real blue moon*, or the song, but something blue with the moon in a blue evening sky.

* I was always told that a blue moon was the second full moon in a calendar month. However, there is an older usage to mean the third full moon in a season with four full moons. The idiom ‘once in a blue moon’ means very rarely.

Enter the Dragon

Or is it a horse? A cloud with a mouth over the river Segre in Lleida.
If you like clouds, visit the Cloud Appreciation Society and check out their galleries.


SculptMoon 2012-05-01 at 17-09-48
It only looks that way from this angle. Just move and you’re free Happy

Getting things into perspective

Bridge new WM B sc
Look at the pictures taken by the cameras they cannot lie
The truth is in what you see - Bruce Foxton (The Jam)

The camera does not lie, it merely distorts the truth in the eye of the observer.

Try looking at things in a new way.
Don’t accept what others say.
Find out for yourself.

Foragers at dawn

A family of ‘giants’ foraging in the pre-dawn light.
The same square as ‘Mother & Child - Plaça Blas Infante, Lleida.

Catch 22

Not the novel by Joseph Heller.
break glass
It says Martillo rompecristales. Romper el cristal para acceder al martillo.
Literally ‘Glass-breaking hammer. To get hammer break glass’.
The hammer is for breaking the carriage windows, and is probably behind a thin sheet of glass which can be broken easily by an elbow or shoe (I didn’t think it prudent to find out).