Hidden faces

Lleida 2013-03-31 at 23-31-52 - Version 2

A fresco in Albi cathedral with hidden faces; how many can you find?

Apologies for the quality, no flash was allowed and I was traveling without a tripod.

Taken with an EOS 600.

Nest building

Lleida 2013-03-30 at 18-56-16 - Version 2

Spring is here and this stork is dedicating itself to a spot of nest building.

A crock of gold

Silencio 2013-03-29 at 08-55-52 - Version 2

If you’re looking for riches, head to Alfés, Lleida.

This photo shows rainbow coming out of the village, so according the legend, that’s where you’ll find the gold.

Bearing in mind that the photo was taken on Good Friday, there may be a more spiritual, and less material, meaning.

Family day out

Dog driver 2013-03-28 at 19-47-35 - Version 2

Always have your camera ready, which is much easier nowadays with smartphone cameras.

I came across this ‘family’ in a supermarket car-park in Montpellier. The characters of the dogs hit me immediately: the ‘macho’ driver, angry with everyone; the long-suffering passenger-wife, almost embarrassed by the fuss being made by the driver-husband; the teenager sitting in the back, ignoring what’s going on up front.

Taken with an EOS 600.

Taking a break

Lleida 2013-03-26 at 10-30-50 - Version 2

This worker nearly got squashed as she rested on my pedal. For a moment I thought she was blossom from one of the trees, but something didn’t seem right and I took a closer look.

Bees are at more risk from nenicotinoids and loss of habitat than my big feet.


Lleida 2013-03-26 at 10-46-17 - Version 2


It covers 70% of the earth’s surface.
It’s the thing we look for on other planets in the solar system.
Its solid state marks 0, and its gaseous state 100, on the Celsius scale. Its triple point is 0.01º C.
It features as an element in many ancient beliefs.
It can be destructive, or have a jewel-like quality (as in the photo).
It can blight a British barbeque, spoil Semana Santa in Seville, or wash out a wedding in Wales.

In some parts of the world, you turn on the tap and out it comes. Whereas in too many other areas people have to walk miles to get theirs, which is all too frequently polluted or carrying disease. According to water.org, 3.4 million people die each year due to this, and a total of 783 million people, worldwide, lack access to clean drinking water.

So next time you’re near a river, lake or the sea (or getting rained on), remember how valuable water is, and when you turn on the tap - give thanks!


More Vincent

Vincent HRD Black Prince 2013-03-24 at 20-13-53 - Version 2
Another shot from the National Motorcycle Museum, Solihull.

This time it’s a Vincent Black Prince. A swan-song from the Vincent HRD company. Production began in the spring of ’55 but the company folded before Christmas that year. Basically, it’s an enclosed Black Shadow (the less sporty version of yesterday’s Black Lightning).

Vincent Owner’s Club

Taken with a 1964 Canon FP.


Vincent HRD

Vincent HRD 2013-03-24 at 18-25-33 - Version 2
A (now scanned) photo I took at the National Motorcycle Museum, Solihull, sometime in the late 80s.

A Vincent Black Lightning 1000cc V-twin.

There was a bit of ‘clean space’ behind and I made the most of it. I loved the light, but I’d forgotten my light meter! A bit of guesswork and it didn’t come out too badly.

Taken with a 1964 Canon FP.


A sundog seen from Lleida, February 2013.

If you want to know more about this phenomenon, check out this entry from the Cloud Appreciation Society.