How well ... part 1.5

Just a mini post as opposed to a full on post with a picture.

It’s related to my previous post ‘
How well do you know yourself?’. I was reminded of this when I read an article in Wired about HBO’s Witness series. In the article, Eros Hoagland relates how he took photos of young man in a car who had just been shot, while others (including police officers) stood around and did nothing to help.
As the photographer leaves the scene, he explains his actions by saying he was there only to photograph it. That is exactly right. If he had wanted to save lives, he could have become a medical, or social, worker. The photographer’s job is to record what they see, Hoagland says, “I’m there so show you what I saw, what happened to me and then you can come upon your own conclusion.” That does not mean that what appears in the image is the ‘truth’. Evidently, we all see things in our own way, this is perfectly normal and also unavoidable. However, it is vital that these images are captured as they will affect others and effect change.

Last minute addition:
this from PetaPixel
A totally different situation, but similar questions.