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Well, use your imagination!
These are ‘statues’ in Plaça Blas Infante, Lleida. The square, designed by Mamen Domingo and Ernest Ferré, features these Torres de las Palabras (towers of (the) words) which represent the eight cities of Andalucia. They are particularly photogenic if the backdrop is moody.

Here is another ‘statue’ (with a magpie on top).

Stop! Reflect.

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I’ve had a really busy weekend (no posts - but now I’m back). And, despite not stopping all weekend, I have had time to reflect.
I was helped by all the drummers who attended the Planeta Bateria weekend, especially by Isabel Romeo and her Taiko drumming.
Take five minutes out of your day to think, reflect, meditate or practice ‘mindfulness’. You may be surprised by what you see if you stop and take a look from the ‘outside’.

For Oscar

Leaf and star
We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

Lord Darlington, Act III, Lady Windermere’s Fan.

Invisible (3)

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Not at all, but invisible to those who don’t take the time to stop and observe.
It is strange the shapes that appear on surfaces. Some see the face of Jesus on a slice of toast, or the virgin Mary on a sandwich or in a puddle. This shape is far less personalised, but very clear.
It is interesting that the “ermita de Ntra. Sra. de Montserrat” is behind the cross. Coincidence?

Invisible (2)

Vilanova 2012-04-08 at 17-20-48
No, not invisible, but transparent, although that doesn’t mean it won’t disappear if we don’t look after it and use it sparingly.
Much of the south and east of England is in drought and has a hosepipe ban in place (it doesn’t rain as much as people think - only as often). Some people in Wales are looking at selling water to their neighbour, although their own situation isn’t much better.
It’s easy to forget the problems we had in 2008 when Barcelona tried to get its hands on the river Segre. If Barcelona does build EuroVegas then they’ll be back.

Here is a web page about water use in Europe. Here is the Facebook page to stop the extraction of water from the river Segre.


How thoughtful! For all those weary souls passing by the Segre River, near Vilanova de la Barca, you now have somewhere to rest.
On the other hand, perhaps someone decided it was easier to dump this non-biodegradable rubbish next to the river than to get the council to take it away. Had this been dumped next to the main road (130 meters away), it would have been cleared long ago for the benefit of the majority, unfortunately, for the minority who enjoy a walk by the river, it’s still here.

Can you see the light?

The Light
Obviously there is the use of light in religious metaphor, but it is also what photographers paint with. Thanks to another photographer (or at least someone with a camera), this shot has been made more interesting. If only the torch bearer to the right had positioned the torch slightly closer to his (or her) body, then the flare would not be so obvious (I nearly got away with it!).


This space will take over from my blogspot site as the place where I spout profound nonsense and irreverent truth.
I will try (and probably fail - I’m an optimist!) to bring my earlier posts across to here where they can huddle with the new stuff to keep warm. If they don’t make it, they will gather dust at the side of the information superhighway (or become roadkill if they get too close), or they will be crushed by the weight of the net and become digital fossils for the net archaeologists of the future.
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You gotta have faith.

No, not George Michael.
Faith  110
This is the 'Procesión del Silencio de la Iglesia Románica de Sant Martí '.
It was raining lightly as the members made their way to collect the image of Christ. However, it stopped raining before they started the procession (despite the umbrellas in the image), and stayed dry throughout.
Coincidence? Have faith, it can work wonders.