It’s not free (part 1)

I need someone to fix my car. A friend of mine has a spanner but I thought it would be easier if you did it. I'll tell everyone that you fixed my car and you’ll get more clients.
I just need you to install my washing machine. It’ll only take a couple of minutes so you won’t want paying, will you?
I know my house cost a lot of money. That's why I don't have much money left to paint it, so can you do it for free?
My friend had arranged give me a lift to the airport but he's ill. Could you take me instead?

Would you say this to a mechanic, plumber, decorator or taxi driver?

Assuming you wouldn’t, why do so many people say these things to photographers (and musicians, dancers, etc)?

There is not even the slightest hint at payment. If the sentence started with ‘
How much would it cost’ or ‘What would you charge me’, it would sound so much better. It’s the supposition that the work will be done free of charge that annoys. Whether an artist charges should be their decision, not yours.

To be continued Happy